Spring Break Camp

March 26-30

Evolve’s summer camp program was a huge hit this year.  Campers have been enthusiastic about the skill building that happens when you spend a week with top coaches in a training environment. Parents love the fact that coaches stress safety in the park and incremental improvement while providing full time supervision.

We offer a personalized program for the campers that take into account their sport and skill level.

Register online by clicking the link below and choosing the week of camp you want.


Rates and Times

Go to our event page for pricing for the Holiday Camps

Full Day Camps 9am-5pm ($350)

3 Days All Day Camps 9am-5pm ($195)

Half Day Camps 9am-1pm or 1pm to 5 pm ($195)

Daily Camp ($80 per day)

Early drop off or pick up $10 (1 Hour)


Riders are required to bring their own helmets and rides.  If you need one we have them:

Rental MTB-$25 per day

Rental BMX-$10 per day

Rental Scooter -$6 per day